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The Pap Breeders Guild was formed to align together, on the net, Breeders and Exhibitors of Quality Papillons.

  To be approved for inclusion on the Papillon Breeder Guild Net Ring, the site owner must have bred 1 champion Papillon.  Exceptions may be made by providing three references of well known Papillon Breeders.  This is a private ring and inclusion to the ring is at the discretion of the Pap Breeders Guild Ring Owners.

Why was the Pap Breeders Guild Formed?

There are Papillon sites appearing all over the Internet.  Some are terrific breed fanciers, some are companion Papillon owners and there are some that will look like reputable breeder sites, but they are actually BYB's or more of a commercial for profit site.  If you are wanting to align yourself as one of the best... Join the Pap Breeders Guild Net Ring. There is no subscription or ad rates to be a part of the Papillon breeders guild.  Look here to find sites of the people who really know all about Papillons. 

Many sites have good information on  raising, showing, training, grooming, care, of Papillons, Here you will find Pap Exhibitors, and quality Hobby breeders.  **This is not a site to promote the sale of Papillon puppies.**  However, The Papillon Breeders Guild does not condemn or silently remove sites that may have Papillon puppies pictured for responsible placement. If you happen to be surfing the PBG Net Ring and feel there ia a site that may not be a  responsible Papillon Breeder / Owner, write the PBG owners privately.  Sites from all over the world are welcome to join the  Pap Breeders_Guild. 

**Please note: IF you are using the Pap Breeders Guild Net Ring with the intent of finding an available Papillons, you are solely responsible for determining the integrity of the sites and its owners.**

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After Submission of a site

After your make your submission to the Pap_Breeders_Guild, your submission will be placed in the PBG que. Expect to receive an email with the html ring code. The html ring code will need to be placed on your website for the submission to be complete.  If you do not receive an email from the Net Ring contact us privately for assistance.

Where to Place the PBG Ring Code

The Pap breeders guild ring code must be placed on the same page as the site address that you submitted on the Pap breeders ring form. All site submissions will be checked by the Ring Owner for approval. 

Please note! Your site will be deleted from the ring if the ring code is not placed on your site within 10 days of applying. Contact us if you are unable to place the code on your site.

This is what the Pap Breeder Guild Ring Code looks like.


(do not copy and paste this code)




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